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Whats New in v5.6.2

In September 2020, BriefCam enhanced it's comprehensive and extensible Video Content Analytics Platform with significant new capabilities with v5.6.2. In addition to face re-identification applications and cross camera face recognition tracking, there are a number of new features designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the safe and responsible re-opening across the globe.

New features available in v5.6.2 include:
* Cross Camera Visitor Analytics & Tracking - Reidentify and track individuals across cameras based on face recognition to measure unique visit duration and site navigation; quantify repeat and bounced visitor traffic; and differentiate between employee and guest traffic and exclude employees from visitor counts.
* License Plate Recognition Improvements - Create and share face and license plate watchlists and alert rules for faces and license plates included or excluded in a watchlist, enabling rapid notification of events in your environment.
* As well as Face Mask Detection, Proximity Identification and People Counting across all three platform modules for accelerating forensic investigations, increasing real-time situational awareness and deriving operational intelligence through dashboard visualizations.

Learn more about v5.6.2 of BriefCam's innovative and extensible Video Content Analytics Platform here: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3916087/Resources/BriefCam Datasheet Protect and Insights.pdf